Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keeping the Faith

Oh, how I wish our house would sell. I keep telling myself that when the time is right it will and my prayer continues to be for patience and faith in God's plan. Last week, we were sure we were on the road to a sale. The buyer "loved" our house and was anxious to write an offer...well, thanks, but no thanks...I'm not sure you could even call what they made "an offer." It was incredibly low and they would not even negotiate. Even our realtor who is super conservative and very realistic was dumbfounded by the offer, not to mention the unkind demeanor of the buyer's agent (who just so happens dates the man who was making the offer). Anyway, we started last weekend with high hopes and those were quickly dashed by Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, our design plans for our current home are moving along and I'm so excited with what we are coming up with. We are so blessed to be working with such a neat group of guys who "totally get" what we want. We're meeting again tomorrow and I can't wait to see what more they have come up with. It's so fun to go to their offices and see the 3-D presentation of the plans. I feel like I'm on HGTV. Honestly, the firm we're using should have their own show ~ the guys have such personality and are so fun to be around. I've learned how important the relationship is between the design/builder and client. I feel so comfortable letting them know if I don't like something, and they don't even hurt my feelings when they tell me one of my ideas won't work.

So for now, we'll keep plugging along with the design and praying that our Texas house sells soon. Our realtor called this morning to say that another buyer was planning to write an offer this weekend, but that it might be a "low ball" offer as well. So we'll see.......

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  1. There are so many foreclosures out there, if people want to low ball, then why aren't they working on those? It seems like there's that sleazy contingent out there that wants the best house for the foreclosure price. I hate it when people think you should just give stuff away because they asked.

    Can't wait to see what you do with your new house--how exciting. We're in a waiting pattern here.